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 Back 2 Good: Characters

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PostSubject: Back 2 Good: Characters   Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:24 am

Wesley Frost

Wesley is a great big brother. He loves his family and would do anything for them. Before his momma died, he was a lot like his younger brother Sean. He slept with chick after chick and partied with all his friends, the whole nine yards. His mother died when he was 16/17, and from that moment on, he decided it was time for him to grow up and keep his dad from going off the deep end and keeping Jackson and Dante on the right track.

Wesley is the lead singer and lead guitar for his band Open Arms. His wife is the bands manager. They've been married four years. Wesley has been cheating on his wife Megan for three and half years with his wife's sister Robyn. He's in love with her, but they've both decided never to tell Megan. Wesley is the glue that keeps his family together, his family and Megan's family.

Megan Frost

Megan is always in control. She had to grow up very quickly, becoming the guardian of her two younger sisters when she was seventeen years old. She still went to college and that's where she met Jackie Frost, the CEO of Nowhere 2 Hide Records, and he brought her into the company. Megan, as well as her sisters, have become like daughters to Jackie.

It was then that she met Wesley. She was independent and hard working, and she didn't want to give up her independence so easily. It wasn't long before she rose in the ranks at N2H Records and she was flying all over to the different studios. That's when she met Payton Lawrence at the Florida studio. She's been having an affair with him for almost as long as she's been married to Wesley.

Robyn Parisi

Robyn was a high school superstar, running track, playing girls basketball. She is a quiet girl who keeps mostly to herself. She's really close to her sisters, feeling like they were all that she had after their parents died.

When she moved in with Wesley and Megan, Wesley told her that he was in love with her. He had fallen in love with her from what Megan had told him about her. He told her he was in love with her the night before he and Megan got married, but they didn't sleep with each other until almost six months later, on New Years, at the N2H New Year party.

Robyn is a waitress/assistant manager at a Restaurant in downtown Sea Port (New Rochelle, New York) called Seychelles. She becomes the keyboard player and lead female singer of Open Arms.

Jack White

Jack was a runaway. At the age of 16/17, he met Jackie Frost, and Jackie brought him into his home. Since then, he's been like a brother to Wesley, Jackson, and Dante. He's also the drummer for


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Back 2 Good: Characters
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